Beauty Recipes Using Food

They say you are what you eat. To some extent, that is true; whatever you eat is processed by your metabolism and used by your body to make everything work how it is supposed to. This is why some people think that eating greasy foods or chocolate will make you break out. If you eat greasy foods, it follows that your skin might become greasy which would cause you to break out. There is research that both proves and disproves this old wives’ tale, but did you know that there are some food products that can improve your skin and hair from the outside? You don’t even have to eat them to see the wonderful benefits.
Honey has fantastic moisturizing properties, and it is also antibacterial. Most acne is actually caused by bacteria on the skin, so using honey in lieu of an antibacterial soap can be extremely beneficial for your skin because, rather than drying your skin out to rid yourself of problem-causing bacteria, it will moisturize your skin while doing the same. You can mix it with brown sugar, granulated sugar, or sea salt which all

Top 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Brands in the World

Most popular cosmetic brands in the worldIndeed they are! It is no secret that cosmetics mean a lot to women―with a history going back several millennia. In fact, human culture, since time immemorial, has always thrived on improvisation. The quest to better ourselves is an ingrained human trait across all cultures, ages, and backgrounds.

Cosmetics are those miracle workers who offer the ultimate ‘lift me up’ in a matter of seconds―be it a stroke of MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick, or even a whiff of Dior’s J’adore. The power of cosmetics is nothing short of magical, as is evident from the obsession we’ve had with them over the years. With kohl being as old as human civilization itself, it is safe to say that our love affair with cosmetics has only gotten better with time.

Now a multi-billion dollar industry, cosmetics companies practically run our lives―promising us a life that is literally picture-perfect, sans all those unsightly blemishes and wrinkles. It seems fitting, then, to honor these master magicians who have created these beautiful products for us―here are some icons of the cosmetic industry.



L’oreal Paris has been eponymous with beauty ever

Outfit Ideas to Wear to a Club

Outfits to wear to a clubNo one likes to repeat their dresses when hitting a club or partying especially if you happen to go out with the same set of friends. So, what do you do, buy a new piece of garment every time? Well not really… what if I tell you that you can mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe and reap amazing outfit ideas to wear at a party or club. Moreover, you don’t have to spend hours before your wardrobe or big bucks to buy a new garment every time you want to go clubbing.
Before we go ahead with describing the outfit ideas to wear at a club, let’s get to know what has to be our attire like. I mean every occasion calls for a specific dress code, doesn’t it? You can’t be wearing a bikini when you attend a wedding; there are certain dressing norms one has to keep up to. Most clubs require a certain look and it is important to look fashionable. Moreover, a club is a place where you enjoy yourself, de-stress yourself and most of the time, get drunk, so it ought

Tips for Choosing a Hair Color

Choosing hair highlightsA perfect hair color can make you look vibrant and enhance your spirits as well. It can also spruce up your hair and give you a complete makeover. There are some things that you should keep in mind before you decide to color your hair. Select the shade that complements your natural skin and enhances your personality.
Choosing the Perfect Hair Color
Coloring your hair is one way to express your individuality. Choosing the right hair color can be confusing whether you want to cover gray hair or give yourself a new fresh look. If you are clear about what you want exactly, it can help while choosing the hair color that is right for you. You can achieve the most flattering look, if you consider your skin tone and eye color. Hair color that balances your complexion gives the best results. For covering gray hair, you can select a shade close to your natural hair color.
Hair Highlights
hair highlights
Hair highlights are another way to improve your overall look. Highlights can look fascinating and make a stunning impression. They add depth and dimension to the base

How to Match Your Hairstyle with Your Dress

Tip to match your hairstyle with your dressWhen you’re attending a party, wedding, prom, or any other special occasion, you should always consider what dress you’re going to wear when choosing the hairstyle. The neckline of your dress is a clear indication as to how your hairstyle could be like. It’s important to keep this simple equation in mind while you prepare for any occasion. In this Buzzle article, we’ve provided hairstyle ideas for both weddings and parties. Take a look.

Picking a Hairstyle for Wedding Gowns

When it comes to weddings, a bride is always cautious about every little detail that goes into making her day the best one she’ll ever have. So, when it comes to choosing a bridal hairstyle, it’s obvious that extreme care has to be taken. Which is why, we’ve shared a few tips and suggestions that’ll help you figure out how to match your hairstyle with your dress.

Bateau Neck Gown with Curly Updo

Curly Updo Hairstyle for Bateau Neckline Gown

Halter Neck Gown with Sideswept Braided Bangs

Sideswept Braided Bangs for Halter Neckline Gown

High-neck Gown with Sideswept Updo

Sideswept Updo for</p></div>
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